Early Voting at UF

By: Jeanny Lavache

With election season in full swing, the UF College Democrats are on the move trying to get people to sign up for early voting.

The UF College Democrats are offering free shuttle rides to and from the Supervisor of Elections Office for anyone who signs up.

“Shuttle rides will be offered every day this week,” said Seth Piatek, a member of the UF College Democrats. “We have a variety of times available to fit people’s schedules,”Piatek said.

According to the UF College Democrats’ Facebook page, early voting is Oct. 24 through Nov. 5 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Members of the UF College Democrats will be walking around different locations on campus with sign-up sheets. According to Piatek there are around five members who are recruiting during the week.

“You can find us anywhere like at the Plaza or the Hub,” Piatek said.

Students have already began to take advantage of the early voting shuttles.

“I signed up for early voting because it was so easy and convenient, and I won’t have to wait in those long lines on the official voting day,” said Marica Staten, a sophomore mechanical engineering major.

Members of the organization are seeing a good turn out with people signing up.

“Last week I signed up 15 to 20 people,” said Piatek.

The shuttles will be picking up and dropping off voters in the parking lot between Library west and Anderson.

“We will have Hillary stuff around the pickup location to make it obvious where to meet,” Piatek said.

The three different early voting locations are the Supervisor of Elections Office, Millhopper Branch library and Tower Road Library.

“We are targeting college student, but everyone is urged to vote early if they can,” Piatek said.


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